How to sell courses with Pabbly?

This article is about how to connect Pabbly with Marble Academies and sell courses using different payment systems

Alexey Sytnikov
Written by Alexey SytnikovLast update 1 year ago

Pabbly is a great way to sell your courses through different payment systems like Stripe, PayPal, QuickPay and 40+ other ways including custom payment gateway. In this article, I'll explain:

  1. how to connect Pabbly to Marble Academies, and then

  2. how to connect a necessary payment gateway

Connect Pabbly to Marble Academies

To connect Pabbly to Marble Academies, sign in to your Marble account as an admin and go to Admin -> Integrations -> Pabbly connect.

After clicking on Pabbly connect card, you will see the page with the detailed instructions.

If you go through all of them, you will get a confirmation message about a successful connection.

Connect Payment Gateway

Now it's time to choose and connect your favourite payment gateway.

By default, it's a Test Gateway set which you can switch off at any moment (I will tell you how to do that later in the article).

So, let's say we want to get payments through Stripe and use its chekout page.

  1. Open your Pabbly account, go to All Apps and choose Pabbly Subscription Billing

  2. Go to Settings -> Payment Gateway Integration, find Stripe in the list and click on Connect Now.

  1. In the opened form, enter Publishable Key and Stripe Secret Key, then click on Submit.

    Hint: your Stripe Keys can be found here in your Stripe account: Home -> Developers -> API Keys

  2. Once the Stripe-Pabbly connection is set, you will see Stripe under the tab called Connected Payment Gateways which means that now Stripe checkout page is available for any purchases in your Marble Academy.

  3. So, now when users click on the Buy or Subscribe button, they are redirected to a checkout page where Stripe is available to be used for paying.

  4. So, If you've tested your payment processes enough, it's time to delete Test Card from your checkout page. Just go back to Pabbly and delete Test Gateway from Connected Payment Gateways.

That's all for now, folks! Happy selling!

P. S. To know how to use a custom payment gateway, visit this page:

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