What is Marble?

Just getting to know Marble? Here is how Marble can help you to engage with your customers and reduce support costs.

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Marble is a automated customer and partners training builder, which eliminates the efforts for content creation and builds scalable education. You can make decisions based on data and analytics.

What can you do with Marble?

With Marble you can create white-labeled academies for customer training and onboarding.

  • Onboarding: create a pool of experts who know, use and will advocate for your product.

  • Customer training: Improve your long-term relationships with customers by creating great learning experience.

  • Continuous education: Extend your business by teaching partners and stakeholders, provide timely information and training materials to your existing customers.

Why should you use Marble?

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Decrease costs (e.g. support costs, marketing costs)

  • Retain your customers

  • Become a though leader and provide extra value

  • Scale your training

  • Bring warm leads

If you have questions about Marble and hesitate, whether it is for you, join us for a quick chat to evaluate if Marble fits your needs.

Why Marble is different?

With Marble you can set-up a learning space in 1 minute and start immediately launching your first course. Creating a course is easy and can be done in a matter of several clicks.

You can customize your academy and get it aligned with your brand. You can choose one of our color templates created by our designers.

Share your courses publicly without registrations and invite unlimited learners.

Data-driven solution, so that you can make decisions on your learning content based on extended analytics available.

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