How to set a custom domain?

Learn how set a custom domain for your space

Alexey Sytnikov
Written by Alexey SytnikovLast update 9 months ago

Custom domain is available in several subscription plans and can be set in Admin settings: Admin --> Settings --> Custom domain.

First, you have to enter your desirable custom domain into the field, so the system could generate CNAME settings for you. In the example, custom domain name is for the academy with the following URL:

Once, the button 'Save custom domain' is pushed, the system will generate CNAME settings that you will use in you domain provider.

This is the general form of these settings:


*where myacademy is the subdomain name of your academy.

In the example below, you will see CNAME settings generated for the academy with its custom domain

These settings are generated automatically in accordance with your custom domain name. We recommend to copy and paste them into your Domain's DNS records.

Here are the instructions on adding CNAME settings for different domain providers:

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