Add existing lessons to your course

No time to create new content? Let's use some old one!

Written by AlenaLast update 1 year ago

Adding existing lesson step-by-step:

  1. Login to your academy and go to the desired course

  2. In course editor, press + button at the left part of the screen

  3. From drop down menu, choose "Add existing lesson"

  4. Choose a lessons to add and press save

  5. Copied course will get a pop-up window, indicating that it was copied (visible to admins and creators of the academy only).

Video instructions:

Important: copy and original lessons are connected. Therefore, making changes in the copied lesson will be also applied to the original one. Deleting a lesson will not influence other copies. Copied lessons will be marked with a special window which can be seen by admins and creators only.

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