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This article is about uploading your course content using a .csv file.

Alexey Sytnikov
Written by Alexey SytnikovLast update 4 months ago

To import some content to the platform you need to make 2 steps:

I. prepare the file;

II. upload the file.

It's much easier if you use the file that you downloaded from the platform. (See this article on exporting content:

I. Preparing the file

Overall, the requirements are the following:

  1. The file should be in a .csv format with a comma (,) separator.

  2. The file header should possess these column names: Module, Lesson type, Title, Description, Body, Option.

  3. The Lesson type column should possess lesson types in English.

  4. There could be no module column if you want to create a course without modules.

  5. The name of the file will become the name of the newly created course out of this file.

II. Uploading the file

When the file is ready, you can upload it to the platform and import the content to the course. To do that, click on Create a course -> Import from .csv -> choose the file on your computer -> Import course.

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